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1. Low-water and sustainability in skincare

Each year brings awareness to the fact that the earth can’t take everything we throw at it. The number of eco-conscious customers are increasing. Brands must up their sustainability game. It is no longer acceptable to accept that recycled packaging is sufficient. Brands are responding to your demands. The beauty industry is responding to the demand for carbon-negative brands like Evolve Organic Beauty and B-Corp certified brands such as APIVITA or ISDIN. You may have noticed that refillable containers and refillable bags are starting to appear.

Waterless and low-water skin care are here to stay. Waterless products will even be sent to space in 2023, to the International Space Station. This trend is based on the idea that water cannot be transported from one place to another in a cosmetics container. Our products should be lighter and more compact, as well as the water they require to use.

2. Microbiome

All over the globe, Microbiome has appeared in scientific journals. New skincare icons are emerging because of all the research being done. The microbiome is an important factor in acne, eczema, and sensitivity. There are many more discoveries. In 2023, expect a lot more prebiotics and probiotics innovations!

3. Punk is back, and it has new friends

The pandemic’s rise in maskne has already led to a new minimalism. It is now on the horizon. It’s not surprising to anyone. As in the 20th Century, great joy comes after great chaos.

If you thought bright red lipstick would soon be back in fashion, think again. You can replace it with black lipstick. A punk haircut. Some really dark nail polish.

Punk brought along some other aesthetically maximalist friends. Geode and galaxy nail art and face gems are just a few of the many experimental hairstyles we’re talking about. 2023 beauty trends seem to be about rebellion and having fun.

4. Skincare for the scalp and underarms

You read that right. We are now applying skincare to the scalp, underarms, and doing so with great care. It makes perfect sense. It is just as skin as any other area of the body. The scalp has more hair than any other. A few brands have already started to take the scalp into account with a few products such as Gallinee’s prebiotic-enriched shampoo and Tangle Teezer’s scalp exfoliator toothbrush. Your scalp is just as important as your hair. Let’s face the facts: a healthier scalp means healthier hair.

We tend to focus on the underarms for sweat solutions. But, skin is skin. We hope to see new solutions in this area from some companies by 2023.

5. All inclusive

Beauty must be accessible to all. Although much has been written about the different representations of color and ethnicity, it doesn’t mean that inclusion is complete. The discussion about skin color representation must continue as many brands don’t offer a comprehensive range of shades. They may not even employ people with different skin to show their products. But, it is right to demand more inclusion. Talking about people with disabilities, other body shapes, gender neutrality and multicultural representation, age gaps sexual orientations, different hair textures, and so on. Although there is a lot of work already underway, we must continue to increase our efforts.

6. Beauty routines continue to be driven by wellness and pandemic-related insomnia

Since 2020, many people have been able to save their mental health by taking “me time” during the pandemic. You’re likely to have been increasing your skincare routine in order to get that feeling-good moment all about you. Stats show that good skincare can make you feel happier, regardless of whether you are suffering from loneliness, anxiety, insomnia, or any other mental disorder. If you feel that a good skincare routine is helpful, please ask one of our beauty experts via our free Ask a Beauty Expert service.

7. Virtual try-ons and personalization

This trend exploded after the pandemic and inability to try products on. Retailers and brands now offer virtual try-ons, personalized shopping, and the use of AI. It’s all about bringing in-store shopping experiences to online channels.

2023 Beauty Trends: A Summarized

2023 looks set to be a great year. It’s all about taking good care of your skin, wherever it is. We expect to see lots of loud and innovative looks and disruptive approaches. This year is also the year to focus on two key themes: inclusiveness and real sustainability.